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    Benjamin had been lived in Fethiye for 5 years. In Fethiye was doing an investigation in to Italian and France heritage. Benjamin is keeping his France identity. There was a convent comes from Frenchera. The most of famous of architects and carpenters had benn worked at that convent. Internal design of convent was made from rare wood. And there were nuns who are full of beliefs in God. This convent was burn and reason was unknown. Benjamin was know this story.

      One day he went to the convent. Inside the convent was look like a ruin. Benjamin went to the last point of structure. And sat on a stone. And he dig the ground with a pencil. Than her realized that there was a hard object. Benjamin continued to dig. And remove an iron box from ground. The iron box was rusty. And it was black for the reason of fire. Benjamin opened the box and he saw o book which is named “ Curse of Convent ”. There were a picture which are a saw and a hammer on the book. He could not understand what it mean. The book was French. But all letters was revers. Benjamin beginned to correct the book. The stories was mysterious and all of them was reality of life. To correct the book lasted for one month during that translation Benjamin had some ilness, like shaking hands and sight deficiency. When the translation finished, he decided to return to France. He took some photo of convent and gave them to his a friend for prepare. And he returned to home. But he could not it. Benjamin was found a dead in convent, as his arms and legs cut with a saw and his fingers crushed with a hammer. The saw and hammer was in the convent.

     The photos was more mysterious. Because there was a nun with a mysterious book in her hand in front of the convent. But the book and its translation was missing. Nobody knows the reason of kiling Benjamin. It is still a secret. But this murder was out of the ordinary.

H@K@N   -  12.03.2007

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